Drywall Installation

If you’re considering hiring a new drywall taping contractor, our advice is to ask lots of questions, listen to the prospective contractors’ answers and never compare companies based on their price estimates alone. All too often, the lowest price frequently equals the most inexperienced contractor looking to begin his next disaster — don’t let him get his hands on your next project!

Free Check-Up

We offer a free check-up after your first coat of paint is applied because sometimes it’s hard to see until everything is painted and we want to make sure your job looks perfect before you put the final coat of paint on it. Just call us — we’ll be happy to drop by and touch it up for free!

Ceiling Finishes

We’re experts at ceiling finishes. We’re equipped with the skills and equipment to handle smooth, textured and resurfaced ceiling finishes to customize your ceiling to reflect your personal style and specifications. Believe it or not, ceilings can make an effective, bold statement and help set the overall tone of the entire room.

Smooth Ceilings

Smooth ceilings, or basic conventional flat ceilings, appear to be similar to your walls without any added texture to their paint jobs. Benefits of a smooth ceiling include less obvious dust accumulations (ultra-important to allergy sufferers and conscientious home and business owners) and they’re better able to reflect light due to their lack of texturing. Having a smooth ceiling can also make your ceiling appear higher. A smooth ceiling is an architectural classic that will never go out of style.

Textured Ceilings

Texture helps add character and personal flair to any ceiling and can be applied in a variety of techniques depending upon the desired outcome and the drywall contractor. Some popular texture techniques include popcorn texturing, rolled-on drywall texturing, combed texturing, “knockdown” texturing and “skip trowel” texturing. California Spray (“knockdown” texturing) is our most popular. Entrust us to help you decide which innovative style will suit your ceiling best. Texturing is made easy when you’ve got a professional with all of the necessary tools and knowledge completely at your service.
We Proudly Offer the Following Services:
  • Crown Moulding & Insulation
  • Drywall Installation
  • Drywall Taping & Sanding
  • Free Estimates
  • New Construction & Renovations
  • Plastering & Painting – Primer Applications & Skim Coats
  • Steel Stud Framing
  • Ceiling Finishes
  • Written Guarantees

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Resurfacing Ceilings

Sometimes our customers want the opposite effect of textured ceilings. Maybe you want to remove the stucco or popcorn texturing because you’ve changed your mind or want a new look, or maybe your ceiling was damaged during a particularly bad storm or because of a roof or plumbing leak. Don’t worry; our drywall experts also specialize in stucco removal and drywall repairs.

References, Gallery & Tours

At SCT Drywall, we’ve had hundreds of happy, satisfied customers and we’d be happy to supply you with references. We have numerous projects you can browse through in our online Job Gallery and we can also arrange tours of some of our projects currently on-the-go available upon request, so you can get a truer sense of what our work entails before hiring us.

Five-Year Apprentice Program

As specialists in custom-built new homes and renovations, SCT Drywall is a professional-grade company and we take drywall installation and taping very seriously. Our apprentice program involves five years of closely supervised development working with an experienced craftsman in order to learn the proper techniques involved with taping.